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Nine Of ‘The Best’ Outdoor Advertising Campaigns According to 

When 'The Best' is Not

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Nine Of The Best Outdoor Advertising Campaigns According to 

Forbes, the magazine, has this Agency Council, which is a collection of professionals (fee-based membership) called communities, which are allowed to connect directly with the Forbes audience. It appears someone comes up with a theme and these professionals provide conversation or content via Forbes digital publishing. A recent post by an ‘expert panel’ of successful PR, media strategy, creative and advertising executives from Forbes Agency Council came up with 9 of the best #OOH campaigns.

Below are ‘The Best’  9. Not a bad list. The first two, South Park and Pink Wall are a slow start.  Powerade and OMFG,  shaky selections. The remaining 5 are home runs. Four for nine.  A .555 average is good for baseball.  A 55% success rate, not so good if your’e an expert picking winners.  I guess it comes down to skin in the game.  In the post, they explain their reasons for selection, which are interesting, reasoned and perhaps helps one understand ‘why’, but does not make the selections ‘The Best’ worthy.  If the OOH design requires an explanation, it fell short. Not ‘The ‘Best.’  The best OOH design needs no explanation.

If the OOH design requires an explanation, it fell short.

The link to the Forbes piece is at the end of our post.


Link to Forbes⇒ Nine Of The Best Outdoor Advertising Campaigns





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  1. Ira says

    I was hoping to see some data from the “Nine of the Best OOH Campaigns.” These are so subjective! Entertaining, but subjective.

  2. Bill Board says

    The group who submitted the ‘9’ list, shared their stories on the selections.
    Thank you for your comments Ira.

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