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NFTs are taking over the streets of Bangkok

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Plan B Media has turned 900 digital LED screens in the heart of Bangkok and throughout Thailand into the largest Out of Home gallery in the world

As with the rest of the world, Thailand has been vastly impacted by the COVID pandemic since the beginning of 2020. The busy and buzzing streets of Bangkok packed with locals and tourists going about their lives turned empty and grim with social distancing, affecting millions of families that rely on the service sector. With the offline world languished, the online world thrived with the development and mass adoption of blockchain technology. The power of creativity in digital art was unleashed with NFTs and many artists have attracted phenomenal interest with digital ownership unseen before.

#BKKNFT Real World Out of Home Experience is organized to celebrate the reopening of Thailand by combining the best of “online” and “offline” worlds through the lens of NFT art with a physical presence. #BKKNFT aims to create space for both top-tier global and local artists as well as up & coming local artists alike to ensure equitable representation. Throughout the campaign 350 artwork from 250 artists are being shown, with a combined value of 1,500 ETH*. These include artworks from artists such as Xcopy, FEWOCiOUS, Coldie, Seerlight, Trevorjonesart, Mark Constantine Inducil, Daniel Arsham, CryptoPunks, Cyberkongz, RTFKT, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats by way of artists themselves as well as via collectors.

In #BKKNFT, these renowned works, which may be accessible to limited online communities, are now seen by the wider public. Our high-impact network of out-of-home media turned art gallery aims to build awareness and inspire millions of people to join the blockchain and NFT community. Featured artworks are being displayed on 900 screens (43,000 sqm combined – or the size of 6 football fields) on the streets of Bangkok and throughout Thailand ). #BKKNFT will be ongoing until 15 Feb 2022.

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Plan B Media is one of the most diversified and innovative Out of Home media providers in Asia. The firm strives to become the leader in the Out of Home media industry by providing a total solution. Plan B also offers a wide range of innovative Out of Home media platforms to support world class campaigns, as well as sports and music marketing.

*Artwork value as of 01//31/2022

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