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New Tech Helps OOH Media Owners Increase Sales

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Apparatix Adds Out-of-Home Ad Data to DOmedia Buying Platform

New tech helps out-of-home media owners increase sales to local and national advertisers

Columbus, Ohio, —Out-of-home (OOH) media operators can now use inventory data stored in Apparatix software to service advertisers through DOmedia, where global brands and local advertisers contract over $1B of OOH ads each year. The integration will help Apparatix users increase sales to local and national advertisers.

DOmedia began offering real-time OOH media availability data to agencies and advertisers in March 2021. Since then, buyers of all experience levels have proven more likely to purchase media from vendors that provide fast, high-quality data. Apparatix users, which include many independent OOH media operators, will now be among the fastest and most effective at servicing buyers through DOmedia.

“Increasing operational efficiency so agencies and advertisers can focus on higher value work has always been our goal,” said Nick Sadler, CEO of DOmedia. “This integration puts more options in the hands of buyers; that means more effective campaigns and happier brands.”

Apparatix users can activate the integration directly within their Apparatix account. This will allow them to automatically populate relevant inventory when creating proposals for global agencies like Kinetic, Billups, and Rapport. Additionally, operators can automatically generate sales through BillboardsIn.com, though operators always have the right to review these opportunities before media is contracted.

“OOH media operators choose our software to help improve their businesses,” said John James, CEO of Apparatix. “Any time we can directly help generate new revenue and compete for more business, that’s an opportunity we’re excited about.”

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About DOmedia
DOmedia is the out-of-home advertising industry’s largest marketplace platform for planning, buying, and selling media. The world’s leading ad agencies and media companies rely on DOmedia’s enterprise solutions, while small businesses use http://www.BillboardsIn.com to plan and execute OOH campaigns online. More at http://www.DOmedia.com

About Apparatix
Apparatix provides the leading enterprise software solution for Out-of-Home operators, offering unprecedented efficiency and scalability. Founded in 2010, Apparatix clients are able to leverage powerful automations and integrations to maximize revenue through local, regional and national demand sources.

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