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Movia Drives Modsy Up 14%

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a message from Movia Media


Movia Media


Movia Media Drives Online Conversions Up 14%
for Modsy


Modsy, a modern disruptor in the interior design space, had goals of launching their first ever outdoor advertising campaign and wanted an innovative partner to reach their audience in a smarter, more targeted way. They worked with Movia, a truckside advertising company, that effectively translated outdoor awareness into online sales.

Modsy uses innovative technology to allow customers to submit photos of their empty rooms and create fully furnished 3-D designs. With this technology, they’ve revolutionized how homeowners purchase furniture.


a message from Movia


Finding a trailblazing partner in Movia, a brand that has also set themselves apart through innovation, was important for Modsy to reach their audience. Using trucks that were already on the road for other purposes, Movia helped strategically select routes to get Modsy’s ads in front of target audiences. The unique combination of mobile billboards, real-time impression analytics, and mobile retargeting capabilities set this campaign apart both creatively and results-wise.

With just 10 trucks over 14 weeks, Modsy was able to garner an impressive 58 million targeted impressions. But their campaign didn’t end there. Leveraging Movia’s onboard beacon technology to track and retarget consumers, Modsy further generated 1.2 million online impressions and a 14% higher online click-through rate – amplifying both brand awareness and overall business results for Modsy.

Truckside advertising can be one of the most efficient ways (from a CPM perspective) to build top-of-funnel brand awareness. In Modsy’s case, Movia was able to hyper-target audiences at specific times and places that would otherwise not be easily accessible. They were then able to expand on this success using real-time OOH data and digital retargeting.

Combining the advantages of both physical and digital marketing in an omni-channel campaign approach is a great way for brands to widen their online consumer base. In fact, in the past year, 66% of smartphone users took some sort of action — from using online search, to visiting an advertiser’s website, to accessing a discount or downloading an app — in response to seeing an OOH ad.

Modsy’s outdoor debut is just one example of this approach in action, putting together Movia’s unique moving ad spaces with their data and digital retargeting abilities to rise above their competition.


a message from Movia Media


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