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Mesmerize Partners with Pursuant Health

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Mesmerize, a prominent media company specializing in patient education at the point of care, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Pursuant Health. The Pursuant Health kiosk is a free health resource that provides biometric screenings (weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, and heart rate) and clinically-valid, user-friendly health assessments to over 1.6 million users every month in major retail locations nationwide.

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Picture1.pngThe partnership will present new and existing Mesmerize clients with a unique ability to reach consumers at scale while they are in a health-focused environment and making their purchasing decisions. Pursuant Health kiosks are widely used by individuals who have an interest in improving their health, providing an optimal advertising environment for products such as healthy foods, OTC and pharmaceuticals, and supplements. Digital and static opportunities expose shoppers to branded messaging while they are filling prescriptions, browsing for health products, walking by the pharmacy area, or using the Pursuant Health kiosk.

“Pursuant Health shares Mesmerize’s mission to make healthcare accessible to all by bringing free health screenings to one of the most widely accessible and frequently visited destinations: the retail store,” said Craig Mait, Mesmerize President & Chief Revenue Officer. “Mesmerize is excited to collaborate with Pursuant Health to offer advertisers another means of reaching health-conscious individuals along their healthcare journey.”

“Pursuant Health is thrilled to partner with Mesmerize and leverage their existing relationships with pharmaceutical, OTC, and CPG clients to ensure the most relevant messages are being delivered to Pursuant Health Kiosk users,” said Jody Mitchell, Senior Vice President at Pursuant Health.

About Mesmerize

Mesmerize specializes in patient education at the point of care. Mesmerize provides targeted educational materials including digital and static wallboards, literature distribution, and branded medical essentials to patients and caregivers in waiting rooms, exam rooms, and other high traffic areas of doctors’ offices, community-based organizations, AIDS service organizations, and independent and chain pharmacies.

About Pursuant Health

Pursuant Health operates a network of over 4,600 health kiosks located in high-traffic retail pharmacies throughout the country, enabling people to regularly check in with their health when it is convenient for them. Pursuant Health kiosks are HIPAA-Compliant, FDA-Cleared Class II Medical Devices that provide free biometric screenings and clinically-valid health assessments to help people understand personal health risks and track metrics over time.

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