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MassMutual Goes (Disappointingly) Smaller Than Life with New OOH Campaign

Honey! I Shrunk the Billboards

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Smaller Than Life with New OOH Campaign

OK, please go with me here. 

When one attends or watches the Kentucky Derby, describe what the spectators are wearing: Hats, bow-ties, bigger hats, fabulous spring dresses, and fitted suits. And rain boots-its rained the last two years.

The one accessory you will also see around many necks are binoculars. And though field glasses are excused to watch the horses in the back stretch, the reality is, they are for people watching.

Now enter MassMutual.

In what is being billed as the world’s smallest OOH campaign, agency Johannes Leonardo placed 20 miniature billboards around Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby for client advertiser, MassMutual.  As you can see from the photos, the minis are ‘strategically located’ around the race venue.  The campaign is titled, ‘Small Acts’ and illustrates the insurance and financial services company’s “belief that small acts of mutuality can make a big difference for your financial future,”  as explained by MassMutual head of brand and advertising Jennifer Halloran.

Back to the track

Tell me if you are going to be looking at their mini billboards or people and horse watching? Granted it doesn’t have to be an either or, but my eyes are on the horse-flesh.

As a billboard guy, I guess I should feel happy OOH is in the MassMutual mix, just like I take pleasure in seeing a billboard in a TV commercial or a movie.  Alas, no.  I feel real short-changed.  Emphasis on short.

What do you think about this campaign?

Read details in ADWEEK⇒The World’s Smallest Ad Campaign Is Coming to the Kentucky Derby







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  1. Patsy says

    Can we bet on how long it takes the small displays on the ground/walkway to be trampled?

  2. Kristy Vivian says

    I like it but to your point, you need the real deal when you exit the Kentucky Derby (like on the way to the airport or in the airport) to make the connection.

  3. Bill Board says

    100% Ms Vivian. I do not share the enthusiasm to which this campaign must be predicated on. Thank you for your comments

  4. Bill Board says

    Patsy, yes those low hanging ones will no doubt disappear. As for the ones in the rafters…I suspect those are anchored and aren’t going anywhere. The tale is in the TV earned media.

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