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Marco Island – Top 8 Highlights! —Movia

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Movia Top 8 Highlights!

  1. Awesome, people! As Outdoor Nation puts it, “PLU” People Like Us. It couldn’t be said any better. So many intelligent, driven, OOH individuals all in one place is a treat!
  1. Learning – So much knowledge on the panels. I wish I could have made it to more, but a big shout to our friend Justin Symons from Project X for outstanding contributions to the Innovation of OOH panel on Tuesday!
  2. Late Nights – Even though Marco Island has a pretty tame nightlife, we had some late nights – Thanks to our friend Kym Frank for hosting the most stellar after-party in the Presidential suite!
    Thanks, Kym!

    Camel Cabana with Vinny from Camel City Posters
  3. The Obies – this was my first time attending the Obies, and it certainly made me want to be on stage one day. Big shout out to Brian Rappaport of Quan for taking home 2 and Shaun Habibian of Kre8 Media for bringing Mobile Billboards into the winner circle! Well done, gentlemen.
  4. The Beach & Beach Cocktails – There’s nothing like curing a hangover, or meeting new best friends with a Pina Colada or Margarita, in the Camel Cabana with Vinny from Camel City Posters!
  5. The Movia Mansion – For those who made it back to the Movia Mansion to see Bruce Case from Reveal Mobile take the Obie-worthy cannonball competition-winning title, what a memorable moment! Also, we appreciate OneScreen for stopping in to enjoy the Hot Dog truck!
  6. Dolphin Touring – I was fortunate to make it on the early morning Catamaran Tour where the group was lucky enough to see a baby dolphin! Who knew dolphins grow up to 1400 lbs. and eat 30 lbs. of fish a day?!
  1. Award Laughable Creative – We want to stand out and do something fun, so here is the Movia Truck Ad we had on-site for the event. 

And if you read all this, don’t feel bad that you missed the event because you are totally caught up now! Looking forward to seeing everyone in Nashville next year!


Casey Binkley, Founder & CEO, 416-271-1008, Casey@Movia.Media



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