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Location, Location, Innovation: The Future of DOOH

Four Key Trends in DOOH

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City Streets are coming alive again and the value of
Digital Out-of-Home street level media has never been higher

Here are the latest DOOH trends by FrontRunner Technologies


A fundamental shift in marketing is happening, and FrontRunner Technologies, an innovator in DOOH, is sharing the four key trends they’re seeing from big brands like Ford, and Warner Bros and real estate companies like Cushman & Wakefield who are using innovative OOH technology to turn the bustling streets of NYC and LA into canvases for their marketing campaigns.. Brands are shifting the way they approach marketing, and it’s happening now.

Here are the lastest DOOH trends according to FrontRunner Technologies: 

OOH channels are driving audiences online to further engage with major product launches. 

Through the use of QR codes, sound experiences and tap-to-pay, companies are captivating audiences at street level and providing interactive installations that bring them from the street to the online space for further engagement.  

FrontRunner Technologies, in partnership with Lightbox Unlimited, is helping brands illuminate the streets like never before. Their WindowFront™ technology transforms vacant commercial urban window fronts into captivating, high-impact digital canvasses by adding light and motion to faceless glass, alongside interactive technology.  

Public spaces are being redefined to reach and engage new and larger audiences. 

After 25 years, Warner Bros is ready to launch Space Jam: A New Legacy, and people are excited! Warner Bros is taking to the streets to chant “Welcome to the Space Jam!” with creative of Lebron James and Bugs Bunny filling window fronts in areas like Lexington Avenue and the Meat Packing District.  

They’re doing it by creating dynamic, vibrant and unforgettable visual experiences that people can engage with on some of the busiest streets in America.. As seen HERE, life size imagery of Lebron James and Bugs Bunny, at street level, encourages Instagramable content for avid fans of the series ahead of its July 16 streaming release date on HBO Max.  

Adventurous contextual marketing is driving engagement through curb appeal. 

Brands like Ford are thunderously rolling onto the streets with the launch of their icon F-150 Lightning, digitally showcasing the truck’s innovative capabilities to street audiences. Using the WindowFront technology in NYC and LA, to create ads that are immersive and connected to the space. Picture their highest selling vehicle, now electric, contextually advertised within smart cities at street level to environmentally conscious audiences.  

Landlords are utilizing DOOH technology to turn vacant spaces into new sources of revenue. 

Partnering with landlords to offer media space in iconic locations from SoHo to Time Square to Lexington Avenue and the likes, advertisers, landlords and retailers have a new advantage in consumer marketing.  

Not only are major brands using this window space to bring their brand campaigns directly to where people are, landlords and property managers are also using OOH technology to market their properties in new and unique ways. Gone are the days of a static For Lease sign in the window. Vacant properties can be showcased right from the front windowdisplay 3D renderings and animated floor plans.  

And now, property owners see real time analytics for their signs, putting information about dwell time, foot traffic, conversions and more. This information is helping landlords better understand their audience and better decide which type of tenant is suited for the space. For example, if traffic is heavy in the morning, maybe a coffee shop would succeed as a tenant.   

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