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Lite Billboards and Bus Wraps Target Light

Using OOH to Take Market Share

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No longer less filling.  Its Tasting Great!

A slight change from the early days in the ’70s proclaiming taste, ⇐click here for video) MillerCoors is displaying an Out of Home campaign in St Louis, home to Anheuser Busch, targeting A-B’s largest selling light beer, Bud Light.  The OOH mission is to take market share from Bud. The campaign theme returns to the age-old argument of who’s ‘tastes better.’  The OOH consists of billboards and bus wraps.

MillerCoors conducted a series of taste tests in St Louis.(See reference below to read the test) The results? In St Louis, beer drinkers selected Miller’s Lite Beer over Bud an overwhelming 76 percent of the time.  The national average of Miller Lite over Bud Light is 72 percent of the time.

The St Louis campaign represents the beginning of OOH to be appearing soon across the country to promote the results of the blind taste tests.  Bud Light is the nation’s most popular light beer, at 17.5 percent of all beer sold in America, according to Nielsen data. Miller Light brand is second.

By now you have received a call from Kinetic, Chicago for OOH space avails and rates.
If you have not, it may not be too late.

Try these people below:

Courtney Bryant, marketing manager for Miller Lite.
Matt Dykstra, MillerCoors general manager for Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.
Sheila Rhodes, a MillerCoors field marketing manager for the central region
Brad Feinberg, senior director of media and consumer connections at MillerCoors.
Michael Lieberman, Co CEO NYC Kinetic.
Samantha Brinkman, Account Services Associate Director at Kinetic Worldwide Chicago
Maureen McCloskey, Managing Director, Kinetic NYC

Read about the Taste Tests here ⇒the Behind the Beer blog here.





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