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Lindmark Outdoor Media’s New Brand Identity Reflecting Offerings and Expansion

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Lindmark Outdoor Media Unveils New Brand Identity Reflecting Its Varied Business Offerings and Expansion of its Printing Services Divisions

April 1, 2023

NORMAN, OK. – Today, Lindmark Outdoor Media (“Lindmark”) unveiled its new brand identity to reflect its various business offerings under a single umbrella, coinciding with the expansion of its digital printing divisions.  Until now, Lindmark conducted its outdoor advertising as Lindmark Outdoor and Lindmark Outdoor Media, and Lindmark’s billboard and banner printing was conducted under Blue Sky Digital Printing.  Beginning today, Lindmark’s outdoor advertising division will be known as Lindmark Billboards; its billboard digital printing will be known as Lindmark Ink; and, its banner printing business will be known as Lindmark Banners.  Lindmark Ink and Lindmark Banners will enjoy an expansion of their operations to include additional personnel, larger facility, new state of the art printers, a 24-hour print turnaround goal from art approval, and expedited delivery reaching all corners of the continental United States within 2-3 business days.  All of Lindmark’s interactions with its advertisers, customers, and the general public will reflect this rebranding beginning today.

“The purpose of this rebranding is to make it clear that each of our business divisions are all part of the same Lindmark family.  We want all of our advertisers, print customers, and banner customers to know at a quick glance who they are doing business with and to rest assured our billboards, printers, print materials, inks, and service in each division will always be of the highest quality.  We also want to note the expansion of our digital printing services with Lindmark Ink and Lindmark Banners locating to new, large warehouse space, adding personnel and new printers, establishing a 24-hour print turnaround goal from our receipt of art approval, and coordinating faster ship times with our shipping partner to continue providing our print and banner customers the highest level of service while accommodating our increased business in these divisions,” said Trent Lindmark, President.

New Logo:  Each of Lindmark’s division names – Billboards, Ink, and Banners – will share Lindmark’s traditional trade colors of a dark cyan green contrasted with a rich pewter gray accompanied by a strong, forward motion mark.

About Lindmark:  Lindmark is one of the largest privately held outdoor advertising companies in the United States with over 6,300 faces in its inventory.  It has billboard assets in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Lindmark entered the digital printing industry to provide the quickest turnaround for its outdoor advertising customers’ vinyl advertisements to be printed on the best quality vinyl using the best quality inks on the best printers to ensure their vibrant, impactful, and long-lasting vinyl advertisements are ready for install more quickly thereby resulting in increased revenue.  Its headquarters are centrally located in Norman, Oklahoma, allowing it to ship its printed materials to any location in the continental United States within 2-3 business days.

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