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Message for Lindmark Ink

While there may be no such thing as a free lunch, there is such a thing as a FREE VINYL with FREE SHIPPING!  For a limited time, Lindmark Ink is offering to print 1 free vinyl for new customers and have the free vinyl shipped to them for FREE within 24 hours of your artwork’s approval.  Your first print job with Lindmark, not to exceed 672 square feet and including standard ground shipping within the continental United States, is FREE.

Lindmark Ink understands that many billboard companies and advertising agencies have long-standing relationships with their printers.  Lindmark appreciates loyalty and is confident it will earn your loyalty if only you would give it an opportunity.  There cannot be a better opportunity than one which is FREE, which is the genesis of this offer.  Ink understands that should you take advantage of this offer and allow it to print and ship your vinyl advertisement for free, you will become a loyal, long-standing customer.

Lindmark Ink’s FREE VINYL will be printed with the highest quality of vinyl and ink on some of the best printers in the industry.  As Lindmark is also a billboard company (Lindmark Billboards), it understands the importance of having its advertisers’ vinyl advertisements be of the highest quality.  Not only do high quality inks and vinyl make a difference to the advertiser because of their high visual impact, resistance to fading, and long-lasting wear from the freezing temperatures of winter to the triple digit temperatures of summer, they also make a difference to the billboard company as these same qualities protect billboards from sub-standard inks running down onto them or sub-standard vinyl from tearing and pulling structural components off onto and damaging landowners’ property.  Rest assured, your FREE VINYL will be of the highest quality and your FREE SHIPPING will be with a nationally recognized courier.

There is no need to thank Lindmark Ink.  Just contact Lindmark Ink today via email to sales@lindmarkink.com or call Greg Stewart at 407-576-6922 to take advantage of the FREE VINYL and FREE SHIPPING.  Ink understands that once you take advantage of this offer, you will become a return customer, which will be all the thanks it needs.  You’re welcome!

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