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Ken Klein’s 10 Political Ads that Showcase OOH Capabilities

Ken Klein's 10 political ads . . . and why I like them

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Political Ads that Showcase OOH Capabilities



By Ken Klein
Ken Klein is EVP of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, OAAA




Here are 10 political ads . . . and why I like them:


  • Crowd-funding (anybody can express a view)
    President Trump supporters, calling themselves “deplorables,” bought this Trump2020 billboard from DDI Media, based in St. Louis:


  • Long Reach
    Out of home political ads connect with hard-to-reach voters in multiple languages, like this “Get Out The Vote” poster in Spanish, sponsored by the Democratic National Committee in battleground Arizona (Encompass Media Group).


A message from DPAA Summit 2020


  • Effective
    After the 2000 Census, David Scott ran for Congress in a newly drawn district in metro Atlanta, relying heavily on billboards. He won then — and since then — using billboards. Here is Congressman Scott’s billboard for the 2020 primary. He won. 
Photo: Clear Channel Outdoor


  • Part of our culture
    Set in fictional Deerlaken, Wisconsin, Jon Stewart’s film “Irresistible” (released in June) is a satirical commentary on modern politics. The campaign for mayor revs up when the incumbent buys a billboard.

  • Localization
    Reaching out to swing voters in battleground states, an anti-Trump group posted billboards that feature the hometowns of voters for Joe Biden.
Photo: Lamar Advertising



a paid message from Movia


  •  Homemade
    A billboard bulletin is 48 feet wide. This Trump sign is 170 feet, made with hay bales in rural Virginia.


  • Not all creative comes from slick, far-away consultants
    Most ad-spend in out of home media supports local and state candidates/causes. I like this ad (Wingate Media in Tennessee) because it’s authentic/real.


  • Into the hands of voters
    How much closer can your ad get to voters? (Encompass Media Group)


  • Publisher role
    Out of home advertising is a form of media. Like other media, out of home has publishers.
    As publishers, some out of home media companies decide to post their own political messages on their inventory, such as Roland Digital Media.


  • Social media boomerang
    Out of home political ads create buzz, generate publicity, and boomerang on social media, like this truck-side mobile display (do it outdoors media).



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