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K-Y Celebrated National Masturbation Month, with OOH —Naturally

Give yourselves a hand. May was Masturbation Month

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Showing throughout NYC’s East Village, Bushwick and Williamsburg; K-Y’s out of home campaign called attention to female sexual wellness with hand-painted pink walls and in some cases, code words your mother wouldn’t know nor likely would she approve. Brought to being or is it bean, by IPG’s Elephant for K-Y, was a celebration of May’s National Masturbation month.

Who knew? K-Y wanted you to know. We’re not so comfortable we should have. If you’re even slightly offended, do not read any further. The copy gets even more touch and go or out of hand. 

The OOH erection above reads: “Cheers to all who ménage à moi, paddle the pink canoe, and butter their own muffin. Hooray for double-clicking your mouse and beating your own bush. Hats off to auditioning the finger puppets, patting the cat, and slapping the oyster. A toast to all of us who jill off, hands-solo, finger cardio, one-night hand, self-stroke and poke, and stir that honey pot. Here’s to getting busy solo or together. However you polish your pearl – good for you! Let’s give ourselves a hand. It’s Masturbation Month. K-Y.”

Credit to everyone who had their hand in the creation of the campaign

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Agency — Elephant
Executive Creative Director — Pablo Marques
Associate Creative Director — Nina Mourin
Creative Director — David Knights
Creative Director, Design  — Craig Ward
Strategy Director — Becky Lau
Client Partner — Anna Taylor
Client Lead — Keith Dougherty
Project Manager — Paige Sharkey

Client  — RB

Cynthia Chen —  President North America, Health
Sherrell Honore  Consumer Research Manager

Aliza Leferink  — Marketing Director, Intimate Wellness USA
Nadine El Habbal  — Brand Manager, Intimate Wellness USA


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  1. Kristy says

    no words

  2. When it is a solo activity Kristy, I think ‘no words’ is probably expected. We appreciate your input.

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