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Prior to the smart phone, broadcast and the printing press; cave paintings, then Billboards were the earliest forms of mass communication.  Fast forward to today and the foreseeable future, image has returned as the message of choice for communication and storytelling.  The world has moved away from the word and back to the image.  The simple, ‘old’ method of expression through images, has returned, moving to ‘small screens’, where we share our lives via photos, videos, podcasts and emojis through Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and  YouTube. Revaluing image is recharging the opportunities for OOH, particularly with Digital Screens .   emojis pile

Lydia Daly, Senior VP Social Media and Branded Content Strategy, at Viacom, says, “Visual imaging is currently the major form of Millennial communication.”  Visual with experiences are what Millennials value.

From OOH Today’s perspective, as marketers identify audience, including Millennials, OOH and Experiential, both Champion’s of image and user experience, become channels of greater importance in successful media planning.

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