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It’s Time to Light It Up

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It’s Time to Light It Up

Lime Media has mastered the art of marketing on the go. No more limits on how many areas you advertise in or how many people you are able to reach. Experiential marketing is the new marketing trend taking over the nation! There are so many options to get your brand out there, however, consumers will relate more when they are engaged. You are not limited by placement, location, or road obstacles. Our main goal is to make the truck stand out and capture the attention of those passing by. LED trucks allow you to generate foot traffic in numerous locations at an affordable cost. This is where experiential marketing and technology become one. It’s time to GET SMART. People want to be engaged, not read a billboard on the go. We can turn your marketing strategy into a real life motion campaign. Reach your highest potential on the road with our LED option.

“It’s time to get smart!
People want to be engaged, not read a billboard on the go”

There are many benefits from using an LED asset for your next campaign. Using this asset will increase brand awareness due to the massive exposure. You will have a massive increase in impression rates. Studies indicate that an LED mobile truck generates around 40,000-60,000 impressions (Maxi Media). Since the truck is constantly on the go, you will be reaching many different demographics helping you find your key consumer. This is a budget-friendly way to advertise in multiple locations while purposefully engaging with your audience for an amazing experience. Best part is you have the flexibility to choose how many trucks you need. This is a great option for businesses of all sizes. We have worked with businesses that needed one LED truck all the way to a company like Disney who needed over 30! We offer the flexibility that fits your exact needs and vision. Whether you are introducing a new product, any sporting event, or promoting your service, Lime Media is ready to take on the task!

Lime Media is also an affordable and competitive option when it comes to our trucks. We offer a variety of services that help us stand out from our competitors. We make sure to provide the best team for the job and we value quality. Our goal is to push the boundaries of experiential marketing and thrive.

  • Smart Technology/Geo targeting: Using WiFi and GPS, we can display content based on the truck’s location – in real time! Click to watch short DEMO VIDEO HERE.
  • Largest Fleet in US
  • Nationwide Services: Inventory in top 20 markets
  • Complete creative services
  • Comprehensive program management and much more!

It’s time for your marketing game to take it to the next level. We will assist you in making your dreams into a virtual reality! Jump on the new trends and let us know how we can assist you! Contact the marketing team below or visit our site.

WEBSITE: LIME-MEDIA.COM | PHONE: (972) 360-0033 | EMAIL: marketing@lime-media.com

sponsored message from Lime Media

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