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It’s About the Detail —Lawn Mowing, and OOH

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Two of my father’s favorite expressions growing up were “if you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all.” and “it’s the details that matter”   This would likely explain the many unfinished DIY projects around the Lind household. One weekly ritual that always did get finished was lawn mowing.  My dad’s tool of choice back in 1973 was the coveted Lawn Boy push mower.

My father would mow in a crisscross, overlapping pattern to achieve the perfect cut and appearance. The technique gave the lawn what our next-door neighbor and White Sox fanatic would call the Comiskey Park effect. For the final touch a careful edging along the front street curb and up and down the driveway.

I believe my dad secretly dreamed passing traffic would slow down to “gawk” out the window at his topiary masterpiece. Directly across the street, Bud Miller, or “Mr. Miller” as we called him mowed his lawn the usual way, back and forth, and fast, trimming and edging were always optional and rarely done. At first glance, they might appear similar, both lawns were cut, but on careful inspection, it was the details that made the difference. Those observations I witnessed as a teenager, watching their father joyfully enraptured in a project made an impact on me.

Moments pass and photographs capture them

Those details, the meticulous mowing, and edging trimming have similarities to our OOH Industry. Keeping that vinyl hung wrinkle-free, those carefully painted walls, those squeegee-smooth self-adhesive subway and bus posters. We have tremendous pride in presenting a product causing the wayfarer to slow and take a “gawk” as my dad would say.   Not only that, we have a host of customers that demand that attention to detail.  Who wants to give anyone less?

Photo shot by FotoFetch

That final lawn edging detail that Mr. Miller often neglected is exactly what our industry cannot afford not to do. In my opinion, we need to document and capture these true works of art with good photography. It continues to build our story for the industry and feeds our social media-loving clients.  Moments pass and photographs capture them.  I regret those I have missed in OOH that would have served my customers as well as my business but the one I miss most is the one of my father at work on his meticulous lawn.

by Steve Lind, Chief Evangelist,  FotoFetch
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