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Is There a Creative Dimension Outdoor Advertising is Missing?

Kiptoe's World

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The Limitless Possibilities in OOH.

Is there a creative dimension Outdoor Advertising is missing?

Creating great Out of Home design is a very difficult skill. Anyone can create a billboard design with the only prerequisite of being the ability to pay for the #OOH space. Unfortunately, way too many billboard designs ‘hit the streets’ which are terrible. Even following ‘the rules’ does not guarantee a ‘good design’ let alone a ‘great design.’

Sometimes not adhering to any rules of design delivers an OOH masterpiece.  We are not submitting the following work as masterpiece but certainly outstanding work which breaks a number of rules.  The creative work in this ooh execution is amazing at so many levels.The artist’s name is Kiptoe.

It’s a 4 minute video. It is worth the time for content as well as execution.

This creative and video brings to mind the limitless possibilities in OOH.
Witnessing the work makes one wonder: Is there a dimension Outdoor Advertising is missing creatively?

We are not criticizing our creative people.  Perhaps OOH creative is fundamentally limited by the necessity to sell a product or service or the view time. Regardless of the why, while watching this utility box StreetArt animation, imagine its execution on a 14 x 48 billboard, either digital or static. What if traffic is stopped for an extended period of time as often the case, on the Cross Bronx, Ventura Freeway at 405, the Circle Interchange or the Connector?

As all creative should be, the possibilities are endless. Click on the arrow in the photo below for the video.
Learn more about the artist with link ⇒ follow Kiptoe work.






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