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Is Average Miles Traveled Per Day a Metric Which Anyone Outside of OOH Gives a Crap About?

Saying goodbye to movie theaters and gyms will never be the same

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OOH Metric —Average Miles Traveled Per Day

Is Average Miles Traveled Per Day a Metric Which Anyone Outside of OOH
Gives a Crap About?


According to Geopath, Average Miles Traveled Per Day(ATMTPD) is up. (which is an interesting metric, what happened to impressions as a metric?). Granted, it is a positive solution based on all the bad news we all have been suffering through since the beginning of the pandemic. Nevertheless, if it is that good, where are the sales?  We know most OOH providers and agencies are suffering dearly from lack of business.  And why wasn’t ATMTPD a metric discussed and touted pre-Covid?

Sure, take the up beat data and use it in your sales pitches. We’d like to see metrics which Brands find more attractive to justify spend.

Let’s keep our collective OOH measurement/data eye on the prize in usable data which is going to move the sales needle. If you are hanging your hat on Average Total Miles Traveled per day data to increase OOH buys because it’s 74% over April and has been climbing since the all time low in April, OOH revenue will continue to struggle. Let’s not manufacture or drive a narrative from this data because it suits us to do so. Brands are smart. 

Below is a two year old chart on consumer travel. The numbers may have changed slightly pre Covid, but the category mix is relevant. Eight of the eleven categories are significantly affected and 2 verticals, movies (Saying goodbye to movie theaters) and gym memberships (Gyms will never be the same) are getting crushed with lack of purchases or attendance.

Average Total Miles Traveled Per Day (ATMTPD) on the rise compared to April this year is a positive. The real tale of the tape; if we are to use ATMTPD, the comparison should be with respect to pre-Covid and perhaps, an even better comparative measure to share, would be same time periods a full year prior to. Love the positivity and optimism, but let’s keep it real and relevant. Apples to apples is a more accurate comparison. 

Check out the full report on mobility released by Geopath. 

Click to access Geopath_Intermx_COVID-19_Mobility_Report_Update_10-22-2020.pdf


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  1. Bob Wolfe says

    I applaud OOH Today for FINALLY bringing this up front and center. I am beyond bewildered why updated impression data per sign face is not being addressed. The industry (and Geopath) have insisted that we start selling impressions yet now that the story isn’t positive, they want us to change the narrative. I can’t ask this question any more simpler…When are you going to update the numbers on a face by face basis? I mean, we are all grown-ups here….we can take it and quite frankly…isn’t this what we are paying for as a member?

  2. Todd Hansen says

    What if those 16.9 miles traveled can be tied to the impressions that the driver had passed during those 16.9 miles? That might be a better way too use those Average Miles Travel Per Day metrics, eg. 16.9 miles. The 16.9 miles carries very little weight if it is not tied to the impressions that the driver has passed. I can drive 16.9 miles and see no OOH.

    It looks like we are selling the Industry short on what we do. We don’t sell ‘average miles traveled per day’ as a feature or benefit.
    We sell space which creates the impressions that creates the urge for the consumer to buy the product on our space.

    Let’s not make what we do any more difficult than it really is.
    It’s pretty easy to figure out. At the end of the day, you have to be constantly selling the space to understand that.

  3. No Fear No Favor says

    Thank you Bob Wolfe for the comment. It is a prickly subject for many, that’s for sure. And for others, the choice is to ignore, not question and discredit those who do ask questions. There is a failure in explicitly addressing the points you bring forth. Ultimately I see this as the ends justifying the means. A disappointing short term approach.

  4. No Fear No Favor says

    Agreed, provide the number of impressions and or provide the number of signs passed in traveling those Average Miles Traveled Per Day.
    But the picture is bigger than the details of the data. Unfortunately data/measurement, therefore Geopath, has become the new whipping boy for those OOH companies who failed to sell their space before Covid and now smack in the middle of Covid, they are in a fight for their life for the very business existence. The very supporters of AMTPD are the first ones to throw Geopath under the bus when the data De Jure no longer suits them. Our data process and metric creation, to use, should not be so handily created then discharged. Ultimately Todd Hansen, it does come down to “you have to be constantly selling the space to understand that”. Excellent comments. Thank you.

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