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INC.5000 List, Number 591— Agency672

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Daniel Wilkins


Specializes in out-of-home media, including traditional roadside media and online displays.



AGENCY672 was recently recognized for a second year in a row by Inc. Magazine. Here are comments from Daniel Wilkins, Agency672 founder, regarding the amazing accomplishment. 

“It is facilitating how much can change in less than a year. My agency, AGENCY672, Inc. was just named to Inc. Magazine‘s Inc.5000 list for the second year in a row. The list is comprised each year of America’s fasting growing private companies over a three year period. Last year (2015-2018), we were number 2,367 with 163% growth. This year (2016-2019), we are number 591 with 797% growth.

Now, eight months into 2020, we are struggling like many of those in the media and advertising sectors, especially those in #OutofHome. It is a strange feeling to be recognized for that level of rapid and sustained growth, only to have it flipped on its head in a matter of months for reasons entirely out of our control.

Does it suck? You bet. Is it motivating? For sure. Is it something I dwell on? Absolutely not. 2020 has become about putting one foot in front of the other. It has become about focusing on what is in front of us, not about whatever we did previously.

For everyone doing the best they can right now with the cards dealt to them, you have my deepest respect. Keep fighting the good fight and doing the next right thing. Where ever that takes you is exactly where you were supposed to end up. Trust in the process.”




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