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In a State that Doesn’t Allow Billboards, We’re Making it Work


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 OOH Opportunities throughout Hawaii

The weather has broken just about everywhere in the US.  Does anyone still have snow on the ground?
Its more than past time to think about a trip to prepare for the summer. Consider Hawaii.

Hawaii, is everything, every promotional ad has ever said it was. Hawaii’s diverse natural scenery, warm tropical climate, abundance of public beaches, oceanic surroundings, and active volcanoes make it a popular destination for tourists, surfers, biologists, and volcanologists.

Everything except, despite what everyone says to the contrary, there are OOH opportunities in Hawaii.  There is no traditional OOH. Hawaii is one of only 3 States that Traditional Billboards are prohibited by law.  Billboards were banned in 1927.

If you are in search of the million plus permanent residents, along with the tourists, via OOH, you are in luck.  The 13th-most densely populated area of the 50 U.S. states has some OOH and we have a resident to share his OOH knowledge and expertise.


OOH Todays conversation with:  Jean-Paul Gedeon, President and CEO of JPG Media.  JPG Media is located in Honolulu but Jean- Paul (JP) knows all the islands.

BB: When did JPG Media start?

JG: JPG started in 2014, but we have been in the Creative Design and Print industry for 17 years. We started a Printing company in High School and continued expand into more offerings.

BB: How many employees?

JG: We have 6 employees

BB: Where are your headquarters or offices located?

JG: Bill, we are located in Paradise, of course… (long pause)…Beautiful Waikiki! (Honolulu, Hawaii)




BB: What do you like about this business ?

JG: I love the size of the medium and its mix of custom opportunities we can provide to fit an advertisers needs.

Popeyes Hawaii needed to Outdoor Event Displays. Experiential

BB: Where do you see JPG in 3 to 5 years?

JG: We’ve been growing and building partnerships with Properties at a fast rate.

BB: JPG website indicates you specializes in multiple OOH solutions.  All appear to be nontraditional.  Let’s get this out-of-the-way in the beginning.  Is there any traditional OOH in Hawaii?  Or anything which comes close?

JG: The closest thing is a cool sign from Hawaii Rent-All.  They are clever with changing the message to whats going on in the news (local, and beyond).  It goes viral sometimes.  As you may know, Hawaii is one of only 3 States that Traditional Billboards are prohibited by law,  they were banned in 1927.

BB: Talk to us about your products and how it reaches residents and tourists?

JG: We’ve got some great routes for our Fleet partners.  Airport to Waikiki.  Or total Saturation of Waikiki.  *Great to reach Visitors and locals.

BB:  How do you use technology? 

JG: We use GPS to track our Mobile Billboard Fleet Vehicles, Social media to amplify the reach of the ads.

BB:   Do you have any verifiable data regarding success of the any of your programs you might share? How is audience or engagement measured?






JG: We use DOT stats for our Mobile Fleets.  Our Super Markets are measured by daily and monthly transactions, we are open to more trackable technology .

BB: For all of your services and offerings:
Do you secure permits and permissions?

JG: We have exclusive agreements with our partners.

BB: Are all of your offerings legal?

JG: Yes, we make sure all our inventory is legal.

BB:  Regarding all of your services, tell us about pricing and turnaround time?

JG: We have activated campaigns as early as the next day for some.  Generally our turnaround time is booked out 7-9 business days, rush available.  We work with clients and agencies to make miracles happen if needed.

BB: Can you give us general costs using typical examples ?

JG: Cost per face can range from $350 – $3,300 per 4 weeks.

BB:   Describe your differentiating advantages over your competition in this space?

JG: Our roots are in the Creative Design and Print industry.  We think out of the box and offer in-house design and production.  It’s a huge advantage to have all the capabilities to offer a solution from start to finish all in-house.  Exclusive spaces at highly desired inventory is a fundamental advantage for us.

BB:   What more would you like to share?

JG: What we want to let Agencies and Brands know, we are a great option for covering Hawaii via OOH.
And with this weather and tropical paradise who is ever indoor?  We have opportunities through out Hawaii.  We’ve got you covered.

BB: Are you able to take care of my ‘accommodations’  if I make the trip for further research?

JG: I am sure we can work something out.  Mahalo.

Jean-Paul Gedeon
808.429.7220JPG Media, Outdoor Advertising

JPG Hawaii, Design + Print
1860 Ala Moana Blvd. Ste. 420
Honolulu HI 96815



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