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Impeach Political Billboards

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Times Square Clear Channel Outdoor Digital Bulletinsimpeach times square despicable cco

Democratic, billionaire, mega-donor Tom Steyer bought 2 Times Square Digital locations for 10 minutes of an hour on Clear Channel Outdoor Times Square Digital locations. The ads run through the end of the year.  Steyer has a $20 million campaign war chest to remove Trump from office.  impeach trump TS photo

The CCO billboards direct to Steyer’s website, needtoimpeach.com, to sign a petition. The message includes a running count of the number of signatories to the petition. Click-Newsweek Impeach Trump Times Square.  Find more like Tom Steyer to fund your next OOH campaign, view profiles of the world’s 500 richest people on this link, Bloomberg billionaires list.

SF Outfront Digital Bulletin Down or Up?trump bay bridge billbd removed

Before the Times Square Trump ‘impeach ads’, was Outfront Media’s Bay Bridge Digital bulletin.  The Courage Campaign reportedly spent $1,500 to run from Monday to Sunday, the last week of September. The Bay Bridge was chosen to test before expanding to other California locations.  According to local SF TV station, KRON, “multiple complaints” pressured Outfront to ‘pull’ the ads for a short period of time, however Outfront relented and continued the agreement.

“It is not being taken down early because of complaints. It is running in its entirety.  I double-checked with my SF team,” Outfront Media Senior Director of Communications, Sponsorships, and Events spokeswoman Carly Zipp told KTVU.  The Courage Campaign claimed Outfront Media initially said they removed the billboard due to “complaints” and then reversed their decision Wednesday.  “I am emailing you to let you know that we have taken down your billboard due to multiple complaints,” Outfront Media Sales Director, Matt Molina reportedly wrote.  Zipp added that there was “internal miscommunication” about the billboard’s fate.impeach trump bay bridge night


Outfront On the Road to Mar-a-lago

In August, funded by hundreds of small donations, ImpeachDonaldTrumpNow.org purchased an Outfront Media bulletin on Southern Boulevard, the road leading to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. impeach trump West Palm Beach I 95

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  1. Adam Hollander says

    Whole I can see why fear provoked billboard companies and broadcasters to pulling ads. I feel it’s very important that they do not do this. Protecting freedom of speech, the 1st amendment and our nations ablity to speak up, criticizing our government is must important. It creates conversations and brings about change. And advertisement it’s something that you look at, analyze and form your own opinion. We want to be in a free country, we must allow free speech. I call on billboard owners to stand up for freedom before $.

  2. Cynthia says

    Bravo to Outfront for letting it stay up. Different opinions need to be heard.

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