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IBO Speedway Adds Insights Storytelling for Independents

Independent OOH Owners

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The events of the last couple of years have driven the buy side in the OOH Industry to ask questions and demand results from media owners who want to get to the front of the line with campaign placements.  A recent article by Anna Bager, CEO of OAAA, “Smooth Sailing for OOH as Online Faces Headwinds” identifies the challenges and how uniquely OOH is positioned for success.  If we listen to what the buyers really want, that is.

Chris Cowlbeck

“I’m excited to be in the position to have conversations with the leaders at some of the major buying channels, each of which are telling me similar things. ‘Speed, ease, tools and impressions is what we need given the challenges of the workforce and clients’ to paraphrase them – all things we are accelerating focus upon,” said Chris Cowlbeck, General Manager of IBOUSA.  “I’m happy to announce that IBO Speedway will have an Insights product that will allow us to tell the story of ‘who we are and who goes by our inventory’ in a blazingly fast interface.  We will be able to identify the top profiles of consumers across our entire footprint as well as quickly drilling down to the state, DMA, state, county, city or zip code – even down to the inventory asset whether it’s a billboard, street shelter or bus bench.”

message by Movia Media
Andrew Simon

“We’ve been in other media segments for several years and found the opportunity to move into the OOH space with the partnership with the IBO Speedway.” said Andrew Simon, CEO of Goldfish Ads.  “Our planning side tools will be particularly helpful as we roll out this new sales product offering for media owners to help tell the story of their markets in a data science based approach.  Agencies simply don’t have the time and staff to do the basics and this will add to the other tools the IBO Speedway is making available for the buy side.”

Becky Smith

“I like the way that this can be used to target local advertiser potentials for sales ideas that may not be immediately obvious,” said Becky Smith, IBOUSA Enterprise Manager.  “We suggested a David Letterman styled top Ten product that will be perfect for media owners as we’ve all heard how the buy side uses similar products for planning – we can now use this for our outbound sales efforts.  Fishing for Gold comes to mind for the product name which is not finalized yet as it’s in beta testing and should be available within a month or so for several IBO Associates.”

Jason Bamford

“The data sources get pulled in from various sources, including the US Census, Center for Disease Control, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.” said Jason Bamford, Goldfish Ads Partner – Head of Product. “These data sets get sent through our geospatial algorithms that calculate the relevance of each data point and output the highest indexing boards.  For the first time this complex set of data is being generated so that small independent OOH media owners can easily access the power of this information.”

About IBO Speedway
The IBO COOP Speedway is a cloud based set of data solutions and technology “tools” that enable our IBO Marketing team to aggregate inventory information from just about any source and deliver data to just about any buyer or operator in any fashion.

IBO Marketing has grown to over 250 companies with about a 90K face footprint and uniquely functions on a break-even basis to represent the IBO Associates as a cooperative manager, much like a wheat farming coop.  Our centralized technical effort enables a one-stop functionality for buying interests whether automation assisted, programmatic or the good old-fashioned manual way.

For more information contact Becky Smith becky@IBOUSA.org  or Chris Cowlbeck chris@IBOUSA.org

About Goldfish Ads
Goldfish Ads is a passionate team of engineers, industry veterans, and doers. Goldfish Ads’s first-of-its-kind algorithm generates audiences into a when and a where cohort in ways not possible before.

From unlocking a dataset like Census, which already powers over $600 billion worth of decisions each year, to allowing a brand to leverage their sales data, to almost any other dataset, Goldfish Ads’ makes them all work together across any media platform or device, especially OOH. Without ever touching any personally identifiable information or using any cookies.

Similar to how Google revolutionized search by factoring relevance into its page rank algorithm, Goldfish Ads is changing the way data is compiled and used by calculating the relevance of each data point in relation to its neighboring data points for all datasets we onboard. Goldfish Ads’ delivers cohorts in the attention economy. It’s about time.

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