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Hulu 180 New Billboard Campaign is Here

OOH —Friday Fast Facts

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Happy International Women’s Day!

#geekOUT —Friday Fast Facts

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Hulu announced that they will be utilizing more than 180 digital billboards across the US to feature “female-centric content.,” markets include in New York, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Dallas.

We may be biased in thinking so, but Hulu made an excellent channel choice.

Geopath measures nearly 60,000 large format digital units across the country.  Combined, they deliver more than 100 million impressions every week to people who have used Hulu in the last 30 days.  In fact, the DOOH over-indexes the general population by 111.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Read the story here⇒Hulu Has a New Billboard Campaign Celebrating International Women’s Day

If you want to know more and develope your own fast facts, contact geekout@geopath.org
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