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How will you be remembered coming out of the Coronavirus Era?

OOH Supporting Local Community Stott Outdoor and Kre8 Media

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How will you be remembered coming out of the Coronavirus Economy?


The coronavirus is tearing down our economy.  These are tough times for you as well.  Your advertisers and community who were with you a few months ago, we don’t have to remind you, they need you today and most likely for the next few months.

Give them help just as the examples below with Stott Outdoor Advertising and Kre8 Media Outdoor are doing in their communities.

If you have community support displaying on your OOH faces in fight of the Covid-19, please share photos and a brief description. We’ll include you in our next post on the subject.

Well done Stott and Kre8.


Kre8 Media receives praise from Governor of Nevada,  donating billboards to encourage social distancing.

Five Mobile Billboards Support COVID-19 Prevention Campaign

LAS VEGAS — The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has led to companies across the globe to close, but now a local Las Vegas outdoor company is reopening its doors to donate services to remind people in Southern Nevada about the importance of social distancing. Kre8 Media Outdoor Advertising has partnered with the Nevada Governor’s Office to offer five digital mobile billboards pro bono to explain preventive measures to mass audiences.

The geo-targeted units include the following messages: “Stay Home – Save Lives,” “Stay Home for Nevada” and “Prepare, Don’t Panic.” The spots will run 10 hours per day March 20−23 and will generate 3,120,000 impressions. Kre8’s mobile billboards will travel to five custom routes in the Las Vegas valley to maximize reach and frequency of messages.

“We are completely shut down as a business yet running these advertisements to play our part during this time of need,” said managing partner and co-founder of Kre8 Media Outdoor Advertising, Jeremie Watkins. “By volunteering my company’s services, I can put some hardworking employees back to work who were previously furloughed. Out-of-home advertising can educate people who may be tempted to gather in large groups over the weekend. I encourage others in outdoor advertising to work with government agencies to do their part to deploy appropriate messaging to the general public. We are all in this together.”

Kre8 Media Outdoor Advertising’s mobile LED billboard truck encourages people to “Stay Home For Nevada” in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tweet from Nevada Governor: https://twitter.com/GovSisolak/status/1241928073252990976?s=20

 Kre8 Media is helping during this crisis in its hometown, Las Vegas  Nevada.
Digital trucks running multiple messages.


Stott Outdoor

Alerting the public that restaurants are open in an effort to support local businesses and helping the coalition of restaurants cry for help #thegreatamericantakeout.




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