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How to Use a Great Truck Ad to Steal Market Share From Your Competitors

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by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media

The impressive superpowers of creative truck ads are nothing new to the titans of marketing, however, you might be astonished by just how far the creative thinking can go. Check out some of these guerrilla tactics that utilize the unique space of truck ads, they are some of the most unorthodox and spectacular mobile billboards in the industry.

Take your audience to the next dimension with a three-dimensional ad truck

This is a phenomenal example by the beer company Heineken which definitely steals the spotlight in the alcoholic beverages industry. Breaking out of the literal box of traditional truck ads to take advantage of the three-dimensional space is a guaranteed way of capturing the eyes and the minds of just about anyone on the road. It also has to be mentioned that even though we in the marketing and media arena may have seen our fair share of 3D truck ads, they are still relatively uncommon to spot in an average city, which means that the early adopters of this trend will have a huge leverage of attention acquisition.

Apply social media to your truck ads to make them more personal

Here we have an ad truck that received endless attention back in 2018. Although this truck has a political message behind it, its efficacy shows how being different works. People tire of seeing generic and banal texts on truck ads, which inevitably results in lost money and attention. The key to capturing a larger market share through truck ads is by making them unexpected. In this case, the surprise comes from seeing a tweet out of its normal small space that lives on your screen, to a large print out on the side of a truck.

As well, adopting internet and social media trends such as memes, famous tweets, and internet fads will help your brand make a personal connection with the consumer, which is all important in growing market share.

Give your truck ads the touch of entertainment – make them fun to look at

One of the biggest mistakes we see with truck ads is that we often forget to give bystanders a real reason to look at our brand message. It’s hard to grow market share if no one notices your ad.  The perfect formula for producing a high effective truck ad is: Educating the consumer + Entertainment = Attention Acquisition

If your goal is to truly stand out from your competitors, you want to avoid making a strictly educational truck ad. In the noisy world of technology, people’s attention spans are limited and hard to acquire. This is where the added element of entertainment can take your message to the next level – getting people not just to notice, but to like the ad that’s going by them on road.


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