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Getting Above 5% Market Share —Kevin Shute

Re-Deploy Resources

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Kevin Shute

by Kevin Shute,


#TomGoddard hits the stubborn #OOH #DOOH conundrum nail firmly on its head:  …. the point we need to make to advertisers is that OOH is the “one to many” medium in an age of one-to-one communication. It is also just about unique in being a safe medium, we can’t be hacked. These are major selling points and it’s up to all of us to make more of them”. 

Read the whole story here ⇒ Top Voices – Part III: Tom Goddard

Seems to me the OOH sector is too often preoccupied with communicating with itself about the features of the medium —creative, programmatic, quirky 3D stuff, etc.—and not with advertisers (current AND prospective) about the unique unrivalled benefits of the medium as an effective communication channel in all its forms.

To get above 5% market share, it might be worth a re-focus on selling the benefits of the medium —”it’s up to all of us to make more of them”.

Rather than plugging into opaque platforms of scant provenance and waiting for the incremental programmatic revenue tide to flow in, re-deploy vendor resources that are now dedicated to entering burgeoning industry awards events or maintaining the #instagram presence, and re-deploy to client selling.

Try paying the bills with social media currency. ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’, ‘Retweets’ and ‘Shares’. Let’s see how far you get.

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