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How 5G Will Elevate OOH Advertising

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by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media

Mobile is on its way to becoming a thing of the past. Say hello to 5G – which refers to the fifth generation of mobile networks that will revolutionize advertising as we know it. In the next few years, this technology will take connectivity to new heights. According to the OAAA, 5G is going to merge OOH advertising platforms with instant, technology-based communication networks.

Several big brands are already utilizing geo-targeting to reach specific audiences with marketing campaigns that utilize some combination of social media, mobile ads and out of home campaigns. Now, by adopting 5G, brands can engage in two way communication with their target audiences, instead of the traditional one-way one sales pitch. Digital billboards that can react to signaling will be able to send audio and video messages using 5G technology. And, moving beyond the 4G world, which provided uninterrupted online experiences, 5G will move us beyond mobile technology – into an era where the IOT (Internet of Things) and artificial intelligence will change our lives.

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A variety of connected devices will deliver interactive and high-quality experiences for brands using 5G. They will be able to collect more accurate information to personalize interactions and experiences for their customers. And because Data speeds on the 5G network are insanely fast and extremely responsive, marketers will have the ability to change digital billboards immediately, transforming the OOH industry as we know it.

The speed and accuracy around displaying different messages at different times of day and what’s going on around them will increase, allowing marketers to target their messages even more narrowly.

The Future Looks Promising
As fifth generation becomes a reality, we can already see changes taking shape. With this technology, entertainment distribution and consumption will change for the better, and new models for marketing and advertising will be possible. With more ways for brands to innovate their OOH campaigns and interact with their audiences, only time will tell what the industry will look like come the 5G takeover!

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