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Here’s How to Find $UCCESS with 2020 Graduate Billboards

OOH Celebrating 2020 Graduates While Adding Revenue Stream

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Wilson Outdoor

OOH Industry Celebrating 2020 Graduates! 



by Liv Brown
Director of National Accounts
Camel City Poster Productions



With Covid-19 keeping students at home, the big question has been “What about the 2020 graduates and will they get to walk the stage to receive their diplomas?”  That is a question the school systems are still wrestling with, but Wilson Outdoor of Carrollton, GA had an idea a few weeks ago to help soften the blow – using their billboards to celebrate 2020 Graduates. 

On April 14th, Liv Brown of Camel City Posters received a call from Ryan Wilson asking for assistance.  His dad had suggested they do a billboard for his niece, a senior at Central High, where Wilson had graduated from.  The idea went from a posting a message for her, to sharing the idea on social media for other parents to do the same! 

Wilson worked with Brown at Camel City, and their artist Kelly Shaffer, to design various templates for the schools and Wilson worked with Formetco to setup an RTD file that would filter photos and names in to the template.  A simple idea blossomed, and so far Wilson has sold 81 ads, for 8 high schools and 2 colleges.  Wilson said, “While it wasn’t a big money maker, the idea did bring in revenue, and more so, it offered a way to celebrate these kids who may not get a celebration this year. “ 

Wilson has sold 81 ads, for 8 high schools and 2 colleges. 

But the idea didn’t stop there…Liv Brown shared the idea with other outdoor customers as she spoke with them over the past few weeks, and many of them have since created similar digital programs, as well as sold static billboards to the area high schools.  Dynamic Outdoor Media, worked with Camel City and a Borger High School to setup and run ads for every student on their digital display – 190  students!   Keleher Outdoor worked with Camel City to print Bartlesville High School branded Congrats 2020 Graduate billboards and yard signs.  Wingate Outdoor had Camel City produce personalized graduation yard signs for Berryville High School! 

Like some of you, Brown has a son who is a senior in high school.  Her passion for spreading this opportunity came from knowing how she was feeling about the void of a graduation celebration for him, along with the her passion of helping her OOH customers survive the economic havoc of Covid-19.  The idea has been a win-win-win and Shaffer has been doing various forms of creative for billboards, banners and signs depending on each school’s need. 

This is a great opportunity you can take advantage of yet this month.  If you haven’t already, reach out to your local school systems and let them know the many ways you can help them make things special for the class of 2020.  Whether they choose to pursue the idea or not, you will at a minimum show you care and perhaps start a new relationship that will extend far beyond 2020!   

Liv Brown
Camel City Posters


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