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Here is the Latest Word on Legislation from OAAA and What You Should Do Today!

House Highway Bill: What Impacts Out of Home?

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Word on Legislation from OAAA


The post below from the OAAA, does not have much in the way of revealing anything new. And that is a good thing. There does not appear to be any surprises or threats coming out of Congress against Outdoor Advertising.  That said, we can never thank the OAAA team enough for staying on top of legislation in protecting OOH and our rights to continue to be in business. Never take our right for granted! 

So take the time today, to send a big thank you to Anna Bager- abager@oaaa.org,
Ken Klein- kklein@oaaa.org, Stephen Freitas- sfreitas@oaaa.org, Maci Werlinich – mwerlinich@oaaa.org and the rest of the crew for their efforts in keeping us whole every day. 


House Highway Bill:

What Impacts Out of Home?





House Democrats unveiled their infrastructure bill June 3.
Here’s what it means for out of home media:

  • Billboard regulations (Highway Beautification Act of 1965) would remain in place. Federal law requires that billboard owners and landowners be compensated if government removes billboards. (Note: the US Supreme Court is considering whether to take a case from Tennessee that says its billboard law is unconstitutional on free speech grounds).
  • The House bill would require US Department of Transportation to update the traffic-sign Manual to accommodate signs directing motorists to charging stations. (Note: commercial advertising is not allowed on highway right of way).

For the full release from OAAA click here House Highway Bill: What Impacts Out of Home?



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