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Good Photos Focus on Key OOH Priorities

OOH is an image driven industry —Photography conveys that to your customers

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Good Photos Focus on Key OOH Priorities

OOH is an image driven industry
photography conveys that to your customers


Getting images has been a hit and miss, expensive time-absorbing process.  We know you are laser focused on increasing revenue.  Obviously keeping your customers happy is key and we know photos can increase satisfaction and deliver on the pent up demand from your customers to see what they have paid for.  But more importantly, the photos you provide tell your customers a story.   This is your opportunity to do a good job of storytelling which can lead to more sales, dedicated customers and an easier sales cycle.

what is reasonable for photo acquisition?

The goal of meeting your customers best expectations must be met in a reasonable way.   That begs the question, what is reasonable for photo acquisition?  We’ve broken it down into 4 simple questions for you?

  1. Does the photo take too long to get, or not even get the photo at all?
  2. Is getting the right photo a hit/miss problem?
  3. Does the photo take up too much of your time and resources?
  4. Does the photo cost more than it is worth to you?

We know these 4 questions prompt a yes answer a majority of the time and it is our mission to turn those yeses into nos.  And that is easier than you might think because these are not OOH constraints, these constraints are owned by the commercial photography industry.  The solutions FotoFetch offers are addressing the way commercial photography is done and we are out to change OOH use of photography.

FotoFetch is combining technology and evolving commercial photography solutions into an on-demand photography source for anywhere in the world.   We don’t mate you to a photographer like a dating app, we are your photographer.  OOH professionals played a role in developing the platform which explains why FotoFetch has a comprehensive plan for the Out of Home industry.


Gary Bamesberger is a Co-Founder of FotoFetch





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