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Good Night Nick

It's My Time Now

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It’s My Time Now


by Nick Coston, OOH Media Buyer & Agent


Good Night for Now

Hi, as you can see I’m passed out after furiously working on my usual Wednesday piece. Maybe working isn’t the right word. I’m just not done. It’s that good.

So pardon the delay and I promise to have it posted Thursday morning.

In the meantime, OOH Today and I have agreed to bring you highlights from the 1968 World Series, Detroit Tigers v St Louis Cardinals. You all know how that ends, and if you didn’t here is the exciting drama filled full 9th inning of Game 7. 

Bob Gibson’s heat was virtually unhittable. 17 Ks in Game 1. 
Mickey Lolich contrasting throwing style for the Tigs. ’68 WS MVP
Lolich 3 wins and 27 innings in 3 games pitched in ’68 World Series
official ’68 WS Program











Jim Northup 7th inning triple

Nick Coston is an OOH Media Buyer & Agent

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