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Gesture Control Software TouchFree At Hand on BrightSign Media Players

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Ultraleap’s touchless tech available on the latest BrightSign platform

Ultraleap’s gesture control software TouchFree now optimised for BrightSign’s XC5 series – the most powerful player in signage

Ultraleap, the leading provider of hand tracking and mid-air haptics technologies announces support of its TouchFree solution on BrightSign’s XC5 media players. This integration adds a new level of interactivity and engagement to digital signage, opening a world of possibilities for businesses and organizations seeking innovative ways to captivate their audiences.

BrightSign’s XC5 media players have gained widespread recognition for their exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility in delivering captivating content to audiences across various industries. Now, with Ultraleap’s TouchFree solution supported on the XC5 media players, users can experience an entirely new level of engagement by interacting with digital displays using natural hand movements and gestures.

Ultraleap’s TouchFree solution on the XC5 media players will enable users to effortlessly control and navigate through digital signage content, creating an immersive and memorable experience. From retail environments and museums to corporate offices and entertainment venues, the possibilities for gesture control are endless. Users will have the power to trigger actions, browse through menus, select options, zoom in on details, and much more, all with natural, intuitive gestures.

Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign, said: “BrightSign’s commitment to fostering innovation is evident through our approach of enabling an ecosystem of partners to deploy cutting-edge technology solutions on our platforms. By combining Ultraleap’s TouchFree technology with BrightSign’s industry-leading players, we’re creating a more immersive shopping environment. With TouchFree, customers can interact with digital screens in a brand-new way, delivering captivating retail experiences that demonstrate the capability and versatility of BrightSign’s XC5 platform.”

Saurabh Gupta, VP of OOH Product at Ultraleap, said: “We are proud to collaborate with BrightSign and integrate our gesture control technology into their XC5 media players. This collaboration empowers businesses to create truly immersive and interactive experiences that capture attention, enhance customer engagement, and deliver memorable brand interactions. The integration of Ultraleap’s gesture control technology is available as a software extension on the XC5 media players. The combination of BrightSign’s industry-leading hardware and Ultraleap’s cutting-edge gesture control technology ensures a seamless and efficient integration process for customers wishing to implement the solution.”

About Ultraleap
Ultraleap’s world-leading hand tracking and unrivalled mid-air haptic technologies allow you to engage with the digital world naturally – without touching surfaces. No touchscreens. No controllers. No keypads. From enhancing 2D screens to developing fully immersive 3D experiences, Ultraleap powers natural, safe and effortless digital interaction in the increasingly connected world. Ultraleap employs more than 150 people across Europe, North America and Asia. It has become the first to offer the full vertical stack of software and hardware to enable spatial computing for the automotive, out of home, industrial, XR, entertainment and medical sectors. www.ultraleap.com

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