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Find Out What Consumers Really Think of DOOH

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Kantar Group‘s new global study explores consumer perceptions on digital Out of Home (DOOH), finding that they don’t just welcome DOOH in their environments, they also find it innovative and informative.

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The study was conducted on behalf of Xaxis and Kinetic, with 11,000 respondents from 11 countries, and shows perceptions of DOOH by itself and also compared to other advertising channels.

In many key categories, the survey indicates that consumers around the globe perceive DOOH as equivalent to or even exceeding other popular channels, including TV, online video, and social media. They like, trust, and engage with DOOH and find it enhances their surroundings, often offering a favorable assessment of DOOH relative to marketers.

Key insights include:

  • +50% say DOOH encouraged them to make a purchase there and then
  • 63% of consumers say it makes their journey more interesting
  • +77% describe DOOH as “very” or “quite” informative
  • 53% say DOOH gave them all the information they needed to make a purchase
  • DOOH is considered 50% more memorable than social media
  • 37% say DOOH is entertaining, compared to just 21% who thought online ads are entertaining.

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