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Fashion and NYC Digital Network Video

View the 2:27 Video OOH Prime Commercial Real Estate

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The number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, JCDecaux, produced a video promoting their street furniture opportunities for the Fashion Industry.  Click to see the video ⇒ New York Digital Network (NYDN).

 Click to see the video ⇒ New York Digital Network (NYDN).

The Out Of Home (OOH) inventory is designated as  the New York Digital Network.   Along with NYC, Decaux also has a newly built Chicago Digital Street Furniture Network it recently introduced. The 2 Digital Networks consist of newsstands and bus shelters in NY and City Information Panels and Bus Rapid Transit stations in Chicago.

The Decaux digital inventory can be found on some of the most prime commercial real estate including Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and New York’s 5th Avenue. The displays feature 15-second spots with six segments or advertisers per face.  As JCDecaux says, “the street level digital networks catches the eye with its full motion capabilities, becoming a fashion runway for apparel and accessories”.

displays feature 15-second spots with six segments

Scroll to the end of the story for more information on Decaux.

JCDecaux’s founder, Jean-Claude Decaux, is credited with inventing the advertising bus shelter in in 1964 leading the beginning of advertising street furniture. Street Furniture has evolved from the simple bus shelter transforming itself in a variety of physical displays, with improved functionality and relevant technological leading formats. Decaux has more than 53,000 digital screens in 43 countries.  

JCDecaux, headquartered in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France ( one of the wealthiest suburbs of Paris) has a total of more than 1.1 million advertising panels in more than 75 countries and 4,280 cities with a population of 10,000 and more.


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