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Executive Committee for Geopath Reassures Seamless Leadership Transition

Providing Critical Tools

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Publishers note:

This announcement was also released on Friday, May, 28. Again, most everyone had shut down early for an extended Memorial Day weekend, as Geopath’s members were sent this message below. The communication and content is not at issue, but for the life of me, why would anyone release an important announcement on a Friday and especially, on a Friday before a three day weekend and in this case, the unofficial start of summer? Anyone? 



Our Executive Committee is currently working to ensure a seamless leadership transition. For more than 85 years, Geopath has provided its members with critical tools to analyze audience location and measure consumer engagement.

Geopath remains committed to collaborating with our tripartite membership that includes advertisers, agencies, and media operators. As always, we seek guidance and accreditation from the appropriate domestic and international media measurement authorities when developing media measurement methods.

Our future is bright, membership is higher than ever, and Geopath’s commitment to continue providing our members with valuable, reliable, and transparent OOH data has never been stronger.


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1 Comment
  1. Tony Jarvis says

    Agree. Another OOH PR disaster! As the media titan, Roger Baron, FCB, used to opine, “If you want engagement, produce an engaging ad”. So it is fascinating that GeoPath is now going to measure the impact of creative executions – “measure consumer engagement” when it already offers the industry the highest value media metric of any media platform, Eyes-On, along with radio when based on average minute via PPM .
    Based on this rather misguided announcement and the OAAA’s (the sellers) continuing interference in OOH’s currency, does anyone who applies for the top spot at GeoPath automatically disqualify themselves???

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