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The Benefits of Digital Advertising

OUTFRONT has installed more than 600 screens

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OUTFRONT Media is continuing to partner with transit agencies across the country, having installed 600+ digital screens in the MBTA’s subway system alone. Two years into the pandemic, the company is continuously adjusting to the agencies’ and riders’ needs through digital signage and advertising.

Profile photo of Victoria Mottesheard
Victoria Mottesheard

“What we are actually seeing is that when people are returning to office, in a more flexible style, they have a bit more joy in their day,” says Victoria Mottesheard, VP, marketing, NY/East region, at OUTFRONT. “They are excited to see colleagues and visit the restaurants they know. When they are working from home, they have a bit more time on their hands to engage in social activities.”

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Read the full article to learn about the new, post-pandemic transit habits.



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