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Employment Recruitment + Mobile Billboards = Great Success

Bulldog Mobile Billboards

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Employment Recruitment + Mobile Billboards = Great Success

Recruiting With Billboard Trucks in Dallas

We’ve had some exciting things happening at Bulldog Mobile Billboards and we want to share one of them with you. We were thrilled and honored that for the fourth time Bulldog Mobile Billboards was hired to help Inmar Intelligence recruit.

Inmar Intelligence was looking a for hyper local way to recruit new candidates in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. They decided to go with a non-traditional advertising method which wouldn’t get lost in the clutter like what online digital ad space has to offer. 

For starters, think about how fast content leaves consumer’s brains. Consumers are taking in hours and hours of ads, billboards, and other forms of content; they’re seeing hundreds of brands advertising their products daily. Consumer’s minds are crowded with ads that are all identical, so what would make Inmar Intelligence ad stand out? The answer is to have something that other brands don’t. By running their campaign through a mobile billboard truck, consumers will remember you.

This offered a great solution where Inmar could make their way to specific areas in the Dallas and Fort Worth, thereby reaching key demographics with high frequency of message which was creatively delivered in both Spanish and in English. (One side of the billboard truck the message was in Spanish and the other side was in English). The moving billboards, directed to designated areas, were nearly impossible for viewers to miss.

The billboard truck’s creative was used to promote available first, second, and weekend shift work featuring scanner, sorter, and forklift operator assignments. Inmar is a company that works to develop a friendly culture, offering competitive wages, bonuses, and generous benefits to employees. 

Bulldog now tracks more than 45,900 impressions per day with each truck as measured and tracked by Movia Media in the Dallas area. Bulldog billboard and LED advertising trucks, provide can’t miss
out of home 
advertising strategies helping companies like Inmar Intelligence recruit.


If you want to place your message, recruitment or other, during selective time lines and targeting specific locations, call Rod Collins at (214) 724-2729 or email Rod@BulldogBillboards.com. Trust us, it’ll be your best marketing decision yet!



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