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EMC Outdoor’s Christie Massey on the History of OOH Measurement

The ABC's of Out-of-Home Measurement

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EMC Outdoor‘s Christie Massey, authored a well written and informative post on the EMC Outdoor agency Blog called, The ABCs of Out-Of-Home Measurement.  And that it is.

‘The  ABCs’ is a deep dive work which follows the evolution of OOH measurement providing definitions along the way. Massey’s writing will serve as a primer for the novice in OOH planning as well as an update to the mid level experienced staffer. The insights she shares in her ‘peek’ to expectations of Geopath’s Insight Suite is enlightening for the experienced of veteran OOH planners/buyers.

We included Ms Massey’s summarized remarks and encourage you to read her entire post by clicking on the title below.

The ABCs of Out-Of-Home Measurement

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Here is just a peek of what we expect Insight Suite to provide Out of Home planning:

  • More accurate targeted impression numbers. Mobile and GPS data will provide exponentially more accurate impression counts for target audiences and plan delivery.
  • Audience composition. Not only will we have more accurate impression delivery counts, but we will know more about that audience. This will include consumer behavior based knowledge (i.e. buying patterns and habits).
  • Travel details. The tools will allow for message delivery where our consumers live and work, and throughout their daily travel in the market.
  • Impression measurement. Weekly impressions will be surpassed by seasonal, monthly, daily and hourly targeted impressions per ad space.

“Geopath’s new tool will transform Out of Home for everyone from planners and strategists to brand marketers and creatives. We’ll all have an opportunity to become more expert in understanding the reach of the field than ever previously thought possible. And with a laser-focus on target audiences, the opportunities for multiple and specific storytelling and creative messaging are seemingly boundless.

The acceleration of data measurement in Out of Home over the past decade has given us the confidence and support to defend the long-held claim that OOH advertising will continue to improve and is absolutely necessary to the marketing mix. Just like a graduation celebration, there is a lot the Out of Home industry has accomplished to this point and of which it should be extremely proud. As an industry, we have grown leaps and bounds with the measurement and planning tools made available.

We have come a long way since the days of counting on our fingers and being a geographically-focused advertising medium. The possibilities ahead of us to capture audiences along their journey, delivery real time and relevant advertising and tell a custom and creative story are endless.”




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