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Embracing Change

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Profile photo of Dylan Mabinby Dylan Mabin
Acting President, Geopath

Our vision at Geopath is to create a smarter OOH marketplace. We do this by supporting our 500+ members and the media industry at large with accurate, transparent, and trusted metrics and insights that help buyers and sellers confidently transact.

We also embrace change when there is a better way.

During the height of the pandemic, when consumers were quarantining at home and traffic on US highways was reduced, advertisers understandably wanted an accurate read on what was happening. Geopath responded by evolving the way it measured and reported OOH audience, pivoting from historical data sources to near real-time data sources for our mobility and impression variation reports, giving the OOH industry a timelier and more precise read on what was happening with audiences and traffic.

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This past fall, we embraced change again by undertaking a comprehensive strategic review of our products, operations, governance, and organizational design. We formed a Vision Task Force with 25 key industry thought-leaders and partnered with the respected consulting firm PwC to develop an updated vision and roadmap that will best serve our members and the industry moving forward.

Our collective vision for Geopath is based on three critical success factors:

  • Comprehensive auditing of OOH inventory across all formats.
  • Increased precision and accuracy of metrics.
  • Improved data interoperability across the entire media ecosystem.

To support this vision, Geopath will focus in the months to come on extending coverage to all types of OOH media (roadside, street furniture, place-based, transit, and fleet media), expanding data offerings to include audited viewsheds, metrics of opportunity-to-see exposures, audience exposure dwell times, and audience impressions.

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We will also provide seasonality adjustments and updated audience delivery metrics on a rolling basis and increase the accuracy of observed audience metrics down to the single media unit, to further enhance the precision of our media planning offerings.

Another core focus will be Improving audience reporting and reconcile reach and frequency across all forms of OOH to better enable integration with 1st and 3rd party data and exploring partnerships with other audience measurement and data providers to increase value to our members and the industry.

With rapidly advancing technology, new measurement capabilities, and more interconnected planning and buying platforms than ever, it’s vital that Geopath continues to update and evolve its vision and roadmap to be responsive to our members, while maintaining our role as the authoritative source and industry standard for OOH audience measurement.

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