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Elvie Tackles Taboo Subject with ‘Peeing’ Billboard

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UK tech brand Elvie recently launched a bespoke billboard campaign in London tackling the taboo subject of incontinence. Just weeks after their video on the topic was banned from TikTok, Elvie took its “graphic” content to the streets with a 10-foot billboard featuring a woman literally ‘peeing’ over pedestrians to help raise awareness for this common issue. Agency Don’t Cry Wolf was responsible for the strategy, creative and PR execution for the campaign, while Kinetic developed the unique billboard.

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“The response to Elvie’s peeing billboard has been super positive,” said Kat Park, Head of PR at Don’t Cry Wolf. “People are excited to see Elvie shining a spotlight on incontinence and the billboard is sparking conversation and debate all over social. By kicking off these conversations, it creates an opportunity to educate people on the issue and the solutions available.”

But is this sensational or sensationalism? Would something like this fly in the US? It was a bumpy road for Thinx back in 2015 when the brand tried to advertise their period-proof underwear in NYC’s subway stations. The ads were originally rejected for being too offensive, a decision that was overturned following press coverage and a viral crowd of social media support.

Think Elvie would have an easier time entering OOH in America than Thinx did? We checked in with several OOH owners and partners to get their take on this edgy execution:

“I think the use of OOH to push boundaries to receive earned media is an interesting tactic,” said James Heller, CEO & Co-founder at Wrapify.

“If everyone is talking about the creative, then it is good creative,” said Todd Hansen, General Manager at Sun Outdoor. “We would take this copy but would supply some umbrellas for the passersby.”

“NO – I could not see this in the US as most operators have more respect for their inventory, their property owners and the communities around them,” said Bob Wolfe, President of OutSelling Inc. “The people who created this campaign are not WIZZards in this medium. This message is way less than PEErfect. As a matter of fact, I don’t think this campaign is worth SQUAT. – Definitely not #1 in my opinion.”

Where do you stand on the topic? Too out-there for out-of-home, or are we the perfect medium to push boundaries and elicit conversation?

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