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Droning on about Ego’s

Media Buyers Don't Care About Drone Shots

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shot by FotoFetch
photo by Lindmark Ink

News Flash!

It’s been sixteen years since the iconic iPhone was released and the first non-military drone was granted a license for commercial use. Now, hobby drones are available to the public and are celebrating their 10th anniversary.

shot by FotoFetch

Drones have opened up the sky to the OOH industry, providing photographers with a variety of opportunities that were once too expensive or difficult to access. Photos and videos taken at these heights give a unique perspective of cities, highways, and neighborhoods, and can also provide close-ups of creative displays. Almost every billboard looks great from the perspective of a drone, with no short reads or blocking trees. From the client’s perspective, drone photos and videos that showcase their creativity with the city skyline or highway below are beneficial to their creative Ego. Although approach videos from a drone’s perspective are appreciated, approach photos from the driver’s perspective are what grab the attention of media buyers.  They don’t care about drone shots. By providing stellar images that promote the client’s campaigns and the OOH industry, we can only gain more business in the long run.






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  1. Regina Falangey says

    Ironic because the photos in this article are clearly taken by drones.

  2. Gene Gina, thank you for the comment. We look forward to Steve Lind’s response.

  3. Steve Lind says

    I would like to clarify today’s article. My intended point as the author was, clients (advertisers) love drone shots and videos of their creative on OOH assets. They also appreciate great photos taken at street level. This is currently not done enough, we need to do more. But sellers shouldn’t rely on drone shots to replace great approach images (photo sheets) from the street. An image taken from the approaching lane of traffic is still king. Spending money doing drone videos of your entire inventory for marketing in my opinion is misdirected. Media buyers typically don’t have time to watch these when selecting locations. Money is better spent AFTER the buy is made with a good drone image and or street approach and close-up shot of your client’s campaign.

  4. “Spending money doing drone videos of your entire inventory for marketing in my opinion is misdirected.” So it’s great photos taken a street level that is still King. Thank you @SteveLind. @ReginaFalangey does this work for you?