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DPAA Summit Recap: People, Places & Data

7 Top Takeaways from Day 2 of the DPAA Summit Day 2

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by Katrina Scanlan, Content Strategist

Day 2 of the DPAA Global Digital Out of Home 2021 Summit wrapped up on Friday with a focus on context, conversation, and connection. Here are the 7 top takeaways from the day.


Contextual creative in OOH is 17% more effective at driving sales and boosting brand recognition, yet it’s rarely incorporated into campaigns. While data integrations (time, temp, traffic, etc.) can be technically challenging, part of the solution is quite simple: education and conversation, according to Adam Green from Broadsign and Joshua Richards from Klick Health.

“The biggest gap is knowing what’s in the sandbox and what levers you can pull to make great creative,’ said Richards. “It’s really just about talking to each other differently, early and often.”

Here are their simple steps to incorporate data triggers in creative executions:

  • If you’re a marketer, bring technical staff to the table to meet with creative teams
  • If you’re a media buyer, introduce your buyers to the creative team
  • If you’re a media owner, digitize your proprietary triggers and make them available, along with the capabilities offered by your tech partners


Whether or not you integrate context into your creative, you must keep it in mind when planning and buying, advises Martin Porter, SVP, OOH Lead dentsu international.

“This isn’t just about targeting a person. … We have to think about the placement in out-of-home,” Porter said, noting you can’t just chase the audience without thinking about the environment, whether it be a doctor’s office, office building or bus stop. “It might be exactly the right person, but the context around that could be all wrong.”

a message for Movia Media


We spend 70% of our time outside and yet just 5% of ad dollars are going to out-of-home. What’s keeping them away? Education and ease, claims CEO Talon America Jim Wilson. “Our goal at Talon is to educate advertisers, to give them the tool to access inventory and to access audiences and deliver outcomes.”


For publishers/media owners thinking about incorporating programmatic into their business strategies, JoAnna Foyle from The Trade Desk suggests finding partners that you trust and asking questions often. “Don’t be afraid to ask what seem like simple questions. There aren’t a lot of simple questions in this space. … Make people spell out the acronyms, ask the simple questions, just get involved.”


Speaking of acronyms, Jackson Jeyanayagam, VP, GM, DTC at The Clorox Company discussed the pros and cons of approaching direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing. You might think DTC is all about the sale, but you’d be wrong. “It’s about the data,” Jeyanayagam explained. “You cannot do digital marketing in this new world without first-party data.” More specifically: first-party transactional data. This purchase info can be used to cross-sell, matching up customer profiles to target similar customers with new-to-them products. That’s ‘very difficult to do on retail shelves when they’re sitting on different shelves,” Jeyanayagam said.


While the out-of-home industry is brimming with data, it would be irresponsible not to discuss algorithmic equity and diversity. Janneidy Velazquez of BMW underscored the importance of having proper data hygiene and a diverse team to avoid bias. Then “continuing an engagement level with each group, not just using it for personal gain, is essential when creating a high-value audience.”


At the end of the day, it’s all about making a splash and connecting with consumers in the right place, at the right time. “What we love about out-of-home is it has that ability to create that level of intimacy, to create that level of localization, but to do it in a way which has impact, which feels big.” – Jessica Spence, President of Brands at Beam Suntory. 





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