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Do You Still Believe in 6 to 8 Seconds? Redefining Rush Hour in COVID-19 Crisis

More inconvenient truths on OOH traffic in the Coronavirus Crisis

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Redefining Rush Hour in COVID-19 Crisis

Do You Still Believe in 6 to 8 Seconds?

More inconvenient truths on traffic in the Coronavirus Crisis.


Here is a story which was shared with us yesterday on the changing traffic characteristics by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Besides the obvious, that the sheer number of cars on the roads are drastically reduced. Now Inrix brings more sobering insights which adversely effect our OOH audience and arguably OOH impressions.

The new insight? Cars are traveling faster than ever before. The Covid induced ‘stay at home’ directives have resulted in fewer cars on the roads during the pandemic and now it is has been discovered speeds have increased dramatically in cities across the U.S. 

Here are just two example cities of 25 listed in by INRIX in the Bloomberg story. 

In Seattle, morning commute speeds were 15% higher than normal on March 13 and 23% higher a week later. Evening commuter accelerated even more, with gains of 16% on March 13 and 38% a week later. 

Los Angeles had the largest gains where commute speeds on March 20 jumped 75% above normal. 

Rough translation; faster speeds provide less time to read and theoretically reduce impressions. That is if you believe in the decades old ‘6 to 8 seconds’ read time rule. 

Please don’t take our word on the matter or someone’s who has an ax to grind or buck to make, read it from Bloomberg here⇒ The Disappearance of Rush Hour in Two Charts





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