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Detroit OOH Top 10 and More

Geopath Market Spotlight –

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Geopath Market Spotlight – Detroit DMA

GeekOUT Fast Fact Friday

by Brian SchopperMarketing Manager, Geopath

For this week’s spotlight, let’s take a look at the “Motor City”, and largest city on the US/Canada border – the Detroit DMA!

Detroit has a well-established place in history as the center of the US auto manufacturing industry. But did you know that Detroit is also the first for many other auto-related accomplishments as well?

The first mile of concrete highway in the US was built in Detroit in 1909. Detroit was also the first in the world to install a traffic light that utilized yellow as a color. The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel was also the first traffic tunnel in the world to connect two nations – the US and Canada.

According to Geopath Insights, there are more than 7,200 spots measured by Geopath within the Detroit market, which generate over 849 million impressions each week! Additionally, this market has a population of nearly 5 million, with over 40% of all commuting trips within the DMA taking 30 minutes or more.

For more insights on the Detroit DMA, please see our 2021 DMA infographic belowNext, let’s look at who is spending in OOH within the DMA for January – June of 2021There are several betting/lottery related advertisers who make up the top OOH spenders in this market. In fact, 6 of the top 10 advertisers here fall into this category! It’s interesting to note that sports betting was legalized in Michigan in 2019, which could be part of the reason for such saturation in the market. Top national brand McDonald’s appears at the top of the list here as well.

Message for Movia Media

Geopath has compiled OOH advertising spend data for Q1 and Q2 of 2021 (January-June) sourced from Kantar for the DMA, as well infographics for this and all 200+ DMAs across the country. Both the OOH spending reports, and DMA Infographics can be accessed by Geopath members in our geekOUT Library. If you are not currently a Geopath member, please reach out to us on geekout@geopath.org to find out how you can access this information.

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  1. Thomas+R+Giesken says

    I’m a big Detroit lover but sorry, Bellefontaine Ohio was the first concrete road laid in the U.S.

  2. Ha bragging rights for the first concrete road in the U.S. The plot thickens! Thanks Thomas for the comment. Our information is from Geopath. Could they possibly be wrong?

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