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Creating Value in Outdoor!

HomeVestor’s Ug makes a stop in Charlotte! The Video

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Creating Value in Outdoor!


by Vincent J. Pannutti, General Manager, Camel City Posters



My brief rant on Creating Value in Outdoor!

As a sales person we should always be looking for the best way to help our clients achieve their goals.   Especially in the Advertising World.  If our clients succeed, we succeed.  That is why I love #Outdoor.  We should try to advise and guide our clients down the right path to success when using our Medium.  When using good creative and turning heads, we provide our clients with the opportunity to effectively get their message out to the masses.   

This comes with a great responsibility.  In order for your client to be successful in Outdoor, their Ads Must Work.  That’s the bottom line.   A major weakness of many sales people in outdoor is that we have created such an urgency to get the order in and get the ad up, that we may not even notice the design on the board?

Do you look at the ad and say, “Ya this looks great, I see them buying twice as many next month?”
Or are you looking at that ad and saying, “Geez, that’s never going to work, but that’s what they want.” 

If I was to guess, you’ve probably said both. But when you allow something to be posted in your market that you know looks bad or will not work, you are not only hurting the client, you are hurting your bottom line and the Industry as a whole.  If it doesn’t work, then will they come back? Will they feel that outdoor just doesn’t work in today’s world?

It is a delicate balance when dealing with the client and we all know that it is hard enough to get in the door, let alone close a big deal… Or is it?

How do you get that door to open?   There are many ways to get that meeting or get someone on the phone, but what is the best-way?

The answer is simple, Create Value.  If you want to be successful in sales, you must be able to Create Value with your product, then you need to be able to relay that to your potential client.  You have to believe that you are selling the best solution out there, your client must know that their best interest is what you hold dear, that is how you build trust.  You need to have a bag full of ammo and pull out all of the stops;  Spec art, Co-op facts and free money, Industry Examples, and finish with something that will knock their socks off….maybe 3D billboards?

If you want to be successful in sales, you must be able to Create Value with your product, then you need to be able to relay that to your potential client

Our Industry continues to evolve and new exciting things come to the forefront daily.  I think there has been more innovation in outdoor the last 5-10 years then there has been in the past 30 years and we will continue to evolve! 

I’m proud to be in this industry and love what I do every day!  I hope to continue to help and participate in the Evolution of Outdoor!

Having said all of that, check out one of our newest ways to Create Value to the client and increase the value of your current inventory!  Camel City Posters has teamed up with Soft Sign 3D to produce 3D billboards for our clients.

This is another way to create value.  These 3D creations are the most affordable way to increase value for the same piece of real estate for you and it Creates Value for the client!

Check out our latest 3D billboard!  HomeVestor’s 3D Ug makes a stop in Charlotte!
Click on the 80 second video below


If you have any questions or would like to know more about how we can help you Create Value,
find me here ⇓

Vincent J. Pannutti, General Manager
Camel City Poster Productions
Office: 1-800-828-3226  Mobile: (336) 692-4275
email: vpannutti@camelcityposters.com
website: http://www.camelcityposters.com






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