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Cohoot —OOH Insider Info For OOH Sales Professionals Only

For OOH Sales Professionals Only —PMX, Domedia, Adstruc, AdQuick, AdSemble, GeoPath, Billups

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Cohoot —OOH Insider Information
For OOH Sales Professionals Only


Cohoot is the anonymous forum for media salespeople. Thousands of sellers gather on Cohoot’s dedicated OOH channel to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

Let’s jump in and discover the hottest topics from the week here …


Sliding in to its 101st Year

Anyone know who handles White Castle these days? I just saw a new program go live. The slider specialty maker turns 100 years old next year. Full Thread Here>>>

UK Advertisers vs. Across the Pond

Our Cohort @Moral Melon mentions “We seem to be doing quite well in the UK with financial/tech service advertisers at the moment, any categories really making the magic happen in the U.S.?” Full Thread Here>>>

50K Dates a Week Are Made on this Site

Dating site OkCupid just launched an outdoor campaign. Believe Media was bought by Mischief USA. Does anyone have contact info for the agency? Would greatly appreciate it. Full Thread Here>>> 


a message from Movia


Can You Add to This List?

Cohort @Gap Bush drops in with this question about tech platforms: We just added a new unit today. I now need to upload the info to PMX, Domedia, Adstruc, AdQuick, AdSemble, GeoPath, Billups . . . whew, am I missing any? Full Thread Here>>>

The Switch to Digital Is On

There has been some eye-rolling at this summation … What’s your take on how Covid-19 is speeding up OOH advertising’s digital transformation? Here is a line from the article. Multi-touch attribution measurement programs so brands can see how OOH fits into a cross-channel strategy. When this happens, I believe OOH will experience a resurgence.” Full Thread Here>>>

Lead Wall

Does Rapport still handle OOH for Zelle? If so, who is the main point of contact? Find out here. Full Thread Here>>>

Jaime Escobar


Can anyone please share a good email for Jaime Escobar, OOH Director at OMG in Los Angeles? Check the thread for responses. Full Thread Here>>>




Sales Strategy

Poll! Has this happened to you? Cast your vote. Competitive request – does anyone else get multiple competitive requests, and their subsequent follow-up emails, but those same buyers never include you on their RFPs? Full Thread Here>>>

Is there a site where I can list my new company in order to receive more RFPs from agencies? Full Thread Here>>>

What Level Wants to Hear About Inventory?

When cold calling or emailing to let buyers know about your inventory, which level in the org chart should you reach out to for the most efficient use of your time? Account Supervisor, executive, director, regional director, VP …? See what the Channel recommends. Full Thread Here>>>

Covid is Changing Cancellations – Or is it?

Well, the Covid cancellation policy of 30 days out is becoming the new normal, writes Cohort @Owners Nowhere.  It was one thing to allow a 30 day cancel in case of a global pandemic, rioting, anarchy, chaos, fires, flood … basic 2020 shit. But now Apple is insisting on 30-day outs on all OOH now without specific cause. Check the thread to see what other sellers think about this. Full Thread Here>>>

Can You Help With This Question?

Did apple + place a buy recently? Full Thread Here>>>

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