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City Outdoor Rolls up Sleeves in Times Square

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City Outdoor displays Stott9 in Times Square

City Outdoor shares their unique OOH opportunities.

City Outdoor makes commitment to helping the Stott 9 with full motion digital making monumental impressions with Times Square Digital Bulletin.  Dawn Del Mastro, President of City Outdoor & City Wildposting commits iconic Times Square space to Stott Outdoor’s California Fire Fund!  #OOH   




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  1. Kym says

    Thank you to City Outdoor and the rest of the #OOH family for supporting our friends at Stott. ❤️

  2. Bill Board says

    Thank you Ms Frank. The digital creative Stott Outdoor provided was well done and made great by the generosity of City Outdoor displaying in Times Square. #OOH family truly remarkable!

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