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Candice Simons on Different Types of Billboards

Make an Educated Decision on OOH Formats

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Candice Simons is President and CEO of Detroit-based Brooklyn Outdoor Advertising.  Brooklyn also has offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. 

Simons began her Out Of Home career with Outselling, Inc in September of 2006 where she served as a national sales manager working for Industry Veteran, Bob Wolfe.  After 6 years learning Outdoor Advertising working with Outselling, she founded Brooklyn Outdoor in January 2013. Brooklyn is a very innovative OOH company in the Industry.

Simons and her impressive team are adept at creating OOH opportunities that didn’t previously exist. She’s built a company knowing the basics and yet, breaking some of the traditional OOH rules following her own insights and understanding of clients’ wants and needs.  She recognizes, you have to know the rules, before you break them.

Candice recently wrote an article on her LinkedIn profile regarding basic definitions of Outdoor formats and the different types of billboards available in Outdoor Advertising.

Thank you Candice Simons for permitting us to share.


Different Types of Billboards Available in Outdoor Advertising

By: Candice Simons, President and CEO Brooklyn Outdoor Advertising

A billboard is a great way to get your company noticed. When hung in a highly populated area, it can get your business exposure that may not be possible in any other advertising format. If you are thinking of using billboards to advertise your business, you should first be aware of what types of billboards are available. That way you can make an educated decision as to what will work best for your business. Read on to find about what formats you can choose from.

Standard Billboards: The most common type of advertising sign – typically in standard sizes on major freeways or thoroughfares.

Digital Billboards: Digital billboards are becoming more common. These billboards display digital images and are changed by a computer every eight seconds or so depending on the board. They are convenient in that they allow ads to be launched instantly, without the need for workers to take one ad down and put another up.

Tri-Visions: These are three message signs that consist of triangular prisms inside a frame. Each frame rotates 120 degrees showing a new message with each rotation. Although these are losing popularity in favor of digital billboards, they still have their advantages. Because space can be rented out in thirds, it is less expensive to advertisers and has potential to generate more revenue for the billboard owners.

Wallscapes: These are custom designed to fit a building’s exterior space. They are the biggest type of advertising businesses can buy and are often over 700 square feet. They can be hand-painted or printed and are very popular because they make a lasting impression on consumers.

Another thing that you need to think about when using billboards for advertising is what type of pole will be used to hold up the sign. This will come into play with standard billboards and will not apply to billboards with digital formats of wallscapes that are often applied directly to a building or structure.

Monopole: In this format, there will be just one single steel pole supporting the billboard. These are often seen on freeways and highways and they are considered top of the line. They are the most expensive to build.

Steel Multi-Pole: This is a cheaper alternative to the monopole, using two or more poles to support the billboard.

Steel I-Beam: This serves as a base to the billboard and is often used with billboards that are 12’x24’.

Wooden Multi-Pole: These bases resemble wooden telephone poles. While these poles are the most inexpensive choice when it comes to billboard support, they are also considered unattractive and they have the tendency to fall down, especially during high winds.

If you are looking to use a billboard to advertise your business, you clearly have a lot to think about. Will you hop on the latest technology by going digital? Keep it traditional with a standard billboard? Or go all out with a wallscape? Before you think about all that, start by finding a company that can really help you to create stand out advertising that is sure to suit your business needs.

Call Brooklyn Outdoor first for outdoor advertising that is head and shoulders above the rest.


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