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Bojangles Tosses Flour from Their Billboard

Must View the 10 Second Video

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It’s Bo Time!

In Charlotte for last Sunday’s NBA All Star Game. Bojangles (Bo) Restaurants known for their biscuits, copied the pregame ritual popularized by NBA star Lebron James of tossing chalk into the air.
Bo tosses ‘flour’ into the air from an #OOH bulletin.  Taking the image of one of their “Master Biscuit Makers,” Bo imitates the action by periodically tossing flour into the air. (Looks like they used a smoke machine)  It works for us!

During the All-Star Weekend, Bojangles’encouraged fans to upload photos of flour-tossing, post them on social media, for chances to win prizes. Ah the power of OOH and social media. Should you ever do one without the other? #alwaysonewiththeother

Bojangles’ worked with Charlotte-based advertising and PR agency, LGA.

The 10 second video below is a must see. Be sure to enlarge the screen to view.






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