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BillboardPlanet —New IBO Software Provider

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New IBO Software Provider — BillboardPlanet


Ardmore, OK —2020 was a tough year for the world during which IBO took a hard look at the things that benefited its networking associates resulting in an enhanced strategic direction to include all of its 230+ companies and the correlating 90,000+ display inventory footprint.  The result of this was a broadening of perspective to be more agnostic and include many different forms of operational, platform, service, and data pathways into the IBO COOP Speedway launched in the cloud mid-summer of 2020 and allowed users from virtually any operational workflow to connect in a manner of their choosing.

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“Technical challenges are what we take head-on at IBO and we’re very pleased to announce BillboardPlanet as a new IBO Vendor Market Club Associate,” said Chris Cowlbeck, General Manager of IBOUSA.  “A good number of our IBO Associates love the BillboardPlanet team, technology, pricing, etc. and I’m very excited to announce that BillboardPlanet has embraced the complex IBO environment and has successfully connected their Quantum subscribers to the IBO COOP Speedway.”

“We have worked with many of the IBO Associates over the years and are very honored to align with the intrepid vision the IBO execs have to bring results to their Associates,” said Sasan Shariaty, BillboardPlanet Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer.  “Our large development team cut their teeth making OOH processes work for operations all over the world and our ability to both scale up and down to meet the needs of a wide range of media owners is an asset we bring to the table.”

“IBO Associates that are considering improving their operational workflow or wishing to connect to various demand side platforms can easily do so now,” said Mike Donaldson, Sr Vice-President of the Americas. “IBO Associates will be able to connect seamlessly to the IBO COOP Speedway for additional revenue streams and get reduced rates for being a part of IBO.  We look forward to meeting everyone at the next conference.”

About BillboardPlanet
BillboardPlanet is a technology company specifically focused on the OOH industry. Our flagship Quantum for OOH Operators and our Equinox for agencies were developed with industry leaders to accommodate their needs. With more than 20 years in the industry and nearly 10 billion dollars in sales transacted, BillboardPlanet has become one of the worldwide leaders in OOH software, servicing the largest US-based ad agencies and the world’s largest media owner.

IBOUSA is a networking group of companies that have a common interest in promoting all things of importance to the OOH Industry. Billboard operators, vendors, consultants, agencies and advertisers enjoy the fruits of our collective efforts and we have forged wonderful friendships over the years.  These relationships have evolved to build the IBO COOP Speedway where the inventory of our operators is combined into a large national footprint that is easy to access. Visit IBOUSA.org

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